Patients Want to Thank and Support You!

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.
William James, Philosopher and Psychologist
Jasmin Thank you

No gesture is more genuine than a patient’s appreciation.

The majority of us are grateful for the care we receive. However, there is no direct, effective and safe means for patients and their families to directly express their appreciation to staff.

Some of us may take to online platforms or social media to show appreciation or thank the administration. These gestures are lost in a sea of posts, fail to reach the individuals or are never seen at all, resulting in limited or no impact on those they are intended for—also, those behind the scenes often go unnoticed.

Receiving this as a personalised message, immediately and directly, on a device that is always with you, is incredibly impactful, and proven to be highly effective in improving morale.

Staff Participation

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