Patients Want to Thank You and Support You!

No gesture is more genuine nor meaningful than a patient's appreciation for your care.

Most Interventions in Healthcare are Successful.

While complaints and negative online reviews continue to dominate the narrative with unintended consequences,
there is enormous value in recognising and learning from this.

Workforce challenges are having a profound impact on Staff, Patient Care and Hospital Finances.

Staffing shortages, burnout, low retention, sickness rates, an inability to attract new talent, and the increasing reliance on agencies have a profound impact on staff wellbeing, hospital finances and patient care.

Pay alone will not address this; we need an effective and Pragmatic Solution.

As stated in the NHS Staff Recognition Framework, pay alone, especially when outpaced by the rising cost of living, will not address staff burnout, engagement, and retention in the long-term – praise and social approval have also proven to be critical factors (Bimpong et al 2019). In other words, feeling valued forms a significant part of staff motivation and purpose.

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* ⁠London North West University Hospitals NHS Trust Internal Study

The Solution